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TeleGov - Be ready when your offices reopen

Be Ready When Your Offices Reopen

TeleGov provides the tools you need to serve citizens and businesses in the next normal of government.

NIC TeleGov Benefits

NIC TeleGov can help with scheduling needs across state enterprises and local municipalities. From DMV appointments to COVID-19 vaccinations, TeleGov is the one-stop, secure scheduling tool for government.

  • Reopen offices safely by complying with state and federal social distancing regulations
  • Improve the customer experience by more efficiently managing office foot traffic
  • Provide long-term business continuity by transitioning seamlessly between in-person and virtual transactions

A Scalable COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling Solution for State and Local Government

Community-Based COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling

NIC’s TeleGov scheduling platform provides an immediate solution for State and Local Health Departments as they “plan, prepare for, promote, distribute, administer, monitor, and track coronavirus vaccines to ensure broad-based distribution, access, and vaccine coverage” (H.R.133 - Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021).

Used across seven states for appointment management from DMV offices to unemployment agencies, TeleGov is a cloud-based turnkey solution that is scalable, flexible, and secure, with the scheduling platform ready for use in less than a day.

“We’re announcing some new efforts that […] will help Mississippians to skip the line and get in-and-out quickly, that helps with COVID-19 safety. […] It treats the people of Mississippi the way they deserve to be treated–with respect for your time and wise use of your tax dollars.”

—Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves upon implementation of TeleGov

Designed to support State and Local efforts to protect the health and safety of their communities, TeleGov helps government rapidly schedule COVID-19 vaccinations.

PLAN: Centralized Appointment Management

Citizens can easily schedule appointments for the COVID-19 vaccine based on current criteria, availability, and requirements. Government can plan for and include queuing criteria, manage and control the site administration capacity, and send notifications for the second dosage.

PREPARE: Robust Backend Management

Government can prepare for today’s vaccination needs and nimbly adjust to future vaccination distribution changes. TeleGov offers the ability to integrate new workflows or add criteria to existing workflows through our automated, low code solution.

DISTRIBUTE: Multi-Location Vaccine Management

Government can easily manage the distribution of the vaccine to citizens at each individual administration site.

ADMINISTER: TurnKey Vaccine Administration and Testing

When TeleGov is integrated with NIC’s TourHealth turnkey COVID-19 vaccine and testing solution, government can create a centralized user experience for their citizens. TourHealth provides onsite COVID-19 vaccination and testing services, with sites across the United States.

MONITOR: Prescreen, Follow-up, and Notifications

Through TeleGov, governments can establish prescreening requirements, provide follow up on the second dosage, and send critical notifications to citizens. Citizens can use TeleGov to keep track of their appointment and receive notice when scheduling their second immunization. A virtual waiting room ques patients and balances load.

TRACK: Scalable Platform and Robust Reporting

The secure TeleGov platform offers governments the ability to track individuals and provide the reporting necessary to distribute vaccines successfully. Reporting can include integration with state and federal immunization systems.

TeleGov Features

Centralized Appointment Management

Allows the public to schedule appointments and government to control the flow of traffic at government offices

Digital Document Upload

Allow citizens to upload documents they would normally present in person

Robust Back-end Management

Quickly build new forms and digital services with our automated, low code solution

Enterprise Payment Processing

Secure payment services via at-the-counter, online, and email/text channels for in-person and virtual transactions

Video Conferencing

Virtual video conferencing to replace in-person office visits, transactions, online classes, training and seminars

Custom Forms

Ability to configure custom digital forms to gather information from clients prior to their appointments

Win for Government

  • Turnkey solution that we deliver rapidly, often within days of project start
  • Fast and easy to set up — new offices and appointment types can be added in a day
  • Digitizing manual processes enables business continuity by allowing transactions to occur virtually
  • Enhanced safety for government employees and citizens by minimizing in-person traffic to government offices

Win for Citizens

  • Enhanced citizen experience drives higher satisfaction
  • Reliable appointment scheduler reduces wait time and expedites office visits
  • Enables government transactions to occur virtually if offices are closed
  • Self-service ability to schedule and reschedule appointments 24x7
  • Easy access with no account required for use

Technical Specs

  • Software as a Service
  • Leveraging proven, best of breed solutions to meet government’s specific needs
  • Built on a scalable cloud-hosted platform — ready to meet unprecedented demand for government services
  • Secure Identity Management
  • PCI Level 1 Service Provider