Kentucky State Police Online Appointment Scheduling

Schedule Appointments Online

Make appointments online from your mobile device or computer.   Click the "MAKE APPOINTMENT" button below, and follow these steps to book your appointment:

1.  Select the type of appointment you need from the Written, Road, or Motorcycle appointments.  "Written" includes the CDL and motorcycle permit tests.

2.  Select the appropriate location*.

*APPOINTMENTS SHOULD BE MADE BASED ON THE APPLICANT'S COUNTY OF RESIDENCE.  If you need to verify the testing site for your county, please click here for the Drivers Testing Location Guide.

3.  All applicants that successfully book an appointment will receive a confirmation email.  IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL, THE APPOINTMENT WAS NOT SUCCESSFULLY BOOKED, AND YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE ANOTHER SELECTION.  (Applicants may also elect to receive text notifications.)

4.  Carefully read the confirmation email, immediately make note of your confirmation number, and retain the email for reference.  The email contains important information about your appointment including time, date, location, type of test,  and items to bring.

5.  The confirmation also contains  links to cancel or reschedule your appointment.  To have your appointment confirmation resent, return to this page and enter the exact email address you used to schedule your appointment in box to the right of these instructions, and click "Submit". 

6.  Appointments are generated at 8AM on every day the office is operational.  For example, if the regional office testing hours are Monday - Wednesday, then appointments will generate every Monday - Wednesday at 8AM.  If testing hours are Monday - Friday, then appointments will generate Monday - Friday at 8AM.

7.  If you see a "No Availability" message on the schedule/location you need, please check back at 8AM for more availability.

Let's get started!  Click the "Make Appointment" button now.

Resend Confirmation

To have your appointment confirmation resent, enter the exact email address you used to schedule your appointment, and click ‘Submit’.